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Library Programme 4-8 Dec

Tue 5 – Closed P1 for S1 Info skills

Wed 6 – Closed P2-P3 (Inc break) and P6 for events

Fri 8 – Closed from 1.10pm


Football Memories Group

The following pupils are participating in a Football Memories Project this week with Football Historian Tom Wright.

The following students will be involved in a session in the school library , period 6 on Wednesday 6th December Calum McKendrie, Ewan Greenhill, Jack Sutherland, Lauren Lowe, Holly Harrison, Josh Ferguson, Nicola Jamieson, Jack Galloway, Graham Dailly, Oscar Dymmock, Moray Simpson, Sam Rutter, Alex Ramage, Louis Russell, Gemma Thabet, Eilidh Bullen, Carla Davie, Rebecca Kay , Fiona Waterston, Angelina McCaskey


Intrested in RPG Games?

“Interested in Dungeons and Dragons, RPGs, Board Games, Magic the Gathering etc? If you are and would like to be part of a group that meets regularly to play board games, RPGs and CCGs, please attend a meeting at Break time in Mr Higgins’ room on Thursday 7th Dec. This meeting is to gauge interest and to work out an appropriate time to meet.”