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Alton Towers – Mr Gray
Can all pupils who are attending the Alton Towers trip as part of the Alternative Timetable ensure that you have paid your final deposit into the office by Friday 27th February. Also return your signed contract to Mr Gray at the same time.


Thank you to all of the staff, students and parents involved in the VIP Tennis event on Wednesday. It was a huge success and something we can be very proud of. A special mention to –
• The student welcoming party
• The S5 students who assisted in sign-in and organisation
• The 2 students who assisted HRH
• The Students who were involved in the Tennis session with Judy Murray
• The Primary pupils who took part in the coached session
• The students who gathered to wave off the Royal Party and see Judy Murray.
We will be getting official pictures from the day and will make these available in due course.