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Have yourself a merry little christmas…


Library programme 18-22 Dec
Fri 22 Dec bulletin – Announcement of S1 Christmas tree decoration/crossword winners!


Library Books

Our library is a resource for everyone to share, please be considerate and make sure that ALL library books are returned by the end of term.  Check your bags, lockers and at home – there are over 500 books still to be returned! You can return books anonymously in a box just outside the library door.

If you would like to keep a book over the holidays, please speak to Miss Swann.


Vaccination Consent Forms

Please returned the completed forms to office as soon as possible, thank you.


Hillend Ski Lessons

Can anyone who has been allocated a place in block 2 please collect a letter from Mr Gray in the PE department.


Careers Speed-dating event

Do you have a parent, family member or friend who is an engineer, designer, architect, scientist, accountant, technician, doctor/nurse/medic, works in IT or regularly uses maths and technology skills in their job? If so then they may enjoy being involved in a careers speed-dating event in school on January the 16th. This will be a great opportunity for them to share a little bit about what they do and can help students in school think about their own career options.

If you think they would like to be involved then speak to Ms Hickinson in science for further details.


Swim Teaching & Lifeguard Qualifications

If you would be interested in training to be a swimming teacher or as a lifeguard, there will be training courses running during the February break at Forrester High School. Both these courses will be heavily subsidised and you must be 16 or over to take either course. Please come and see Mr Russell in the PE staff base if you would like more information.

Mr Russell – Active Schools Co-ordinator