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HPV Vaccinations – Mrs Hawkins

The HPV Vaccinations will take place on Tuesday 27th January.  Can students who have not returned the completed forms please do so ASAP Thank you.

Chinese mandarin club – Mrs Hickinson

Chinese mandarin club starts back on Monday the 19th in room 150 (Ms. Hickinson’s room)

If you have not been before but would like to, come along! All welcome.

CREST science club – Mrs Hickinson

CREST science club starts back after school on Monday the 19th in room 150. (Ms. Hickinson’s room)

Bring along your research!

Attention all S1 Pupils – Ms Gibson

The trips to the National Museum of Scotland are taking place this  Monday, 19th January for practical sets A B C D E and Monday 26th January for practical sets F G H I J.

We are still waiting for some pupils to return money to the office so can you make sure you get this in asap.

Arrangements for the day

Come to school as normal and attend tutor time and your period 1 class. You will be released form your period 1 class at 9am and make your way to the concourse to be registered. If any pupil has any questions please see Ms Gibson or your Guidance teacher.

Congratulations – Mr Rafferty

Claire Norman, one of our former students has graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in Medicine & Surgery MB BS.

Transport Academies – Mrs Morrison

Bookings confirmed (Central Taxis 0131 229 2468).

Taxi 4: Hospitality & Tourism: Year 2 – Picking up from Craigmount on Friday Jan 16th  at 12.45 and dropping 4 students to Edinburgh College Granton.  Lead name:  Ross.

 Taxi 5: Health & Social Care: Year 2 – Picking up from Craigmount on Friday Jan 16th at 12.30 and dropping 3 students to Queen Margaret University Musselburgh.   Lead name:  Ritchie/Ramsay