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Sewing Club for S1-S2 – L Tugman

Miss Tugman in FCT is looking to start a sewing club for S1-S2 pupils. Making your own quirky bags, knowing how to mend things and creating new designs is a worthwhile and popular thing to do right now, and they are skills that will stay with  you for life.  Come along to a meeting in the sewing room G/46 on Monday 1st December at 1pm lunchtime to discuss ideas, when the club could begin and find out more about what you could learn and create at the club.

Not just for girls! Boys are very welcome as the first few creations will be a felt key ring design of your choice and a superhero puppet.

Newcastle v Chelsea Trip- Mr Gray (PE)

There will be a meeting for all those attending the Premier League trip at break time in the Dance Studio on Monday 1st Dec.

Vital information will be given regarding the trip arrangements, therefore attendance is compulsory.

Christmas concert – Mrs Morison

Tickets go on sale today (Friday 28th) at lunchtime for the Christmas concert on Monday 15th December. These are restricted to 3 per student in the first instance. Price £7 (£3 for concessions). Please bring the correct money or a cheque payable to Craigmount High School.