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On Wednesday 14 January award winning author Kirkland Ciccone braved the wild Scottish weather to travel to Craigmount High School Library to talk to five S3 classes about his books and what had inspired him to become a writer for teenagers. Luckily Kirkland arrived unscathed, with hair in place, clutching his Louis Vuitton bag and Kurt Cobain lunchbox. Using what he described as the ‘Trojan Horse’ effect starting with an introduction to his crazy family, including his older brother whose claim to fame was being the worst robber in the west, he quickly cast his spell over the hundred plus teenagers in the room. Kirkland took his audience through his personal literacy journey starting with a Winnie the Pooh cookbook and discovering libraries to his own books ‘Conjuring the Infinite’, which recently won the 2014 Catalyst Book Award, and his latest book ‘Endless Empire’. The students really enjoyed Kirkland’s session and several bought copies of his books. Needless to say, the Library copies are already out on loan.