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We were fortunate to be able to take part in Napier University’s Professional Practice Module, where 3rd year degree students joined us for a term, 3 times a week.

Lewis, is a 3rd year Software Development student at Napier and his task for this module was to come up with a couple of tutorials on Raspberry Pi and Arduino and deliver these to some of our students.

Arduino is an open source platform for developing embedded computing systems. In this workshop, the students were involved in creating instructions in Scratch that linked to the sensors and actuator on the Arduino board.

We must thank Lewis for his time and work during his module, also, thanks to Craigmount’s Parent Council for funding the purchase of the Arduino kit.

Here are some photos of Lewis delivering his Arduino tutorial to S3 Computing Science students:

20140401_113447 20140401_113455 20140401_113821