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Head Teacher’s Update – Tuesday, 31st May - 31st May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers There were a number of SQA examinations today ( Sociology, Art & Design and Accounting) and once again, things have gone to plan. A number of students were also in today working with Mr Ferguson on German revision for tomorrow. Our Meaningful May programme also continues to go well and I am looking […]

Head Teacher’s Update – Monday, 30th May - 30th May, 2016

Dear Parents Carers The Modern Studies exams went smoothly today. Supported study this week continues as outlined in last week’s posts. I was also in meetings with other decanted secondary HTs and the Senior Education Manager today as part of the planning for the change of timetable moves from 6th June and will provide further […]

Head Teacher’s Update – Friday, 27th May - 27th May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers The SQA Business Education examinations have gone well today. I also visited Darroch, where interviews were held for a Business Education teacher. I am pleased to say we were able to fill the vacancy for August. The Supported Study details for next week were included in yesterday’s post. T Rae Head Teacher

Head Teacher’s Update – Thursday, 26th May - 26th May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers The SQA Spanish exams went well today. Staff continue to offer supported study (see Faculty updates below) and as we progress through the exam diet we are able to deploy more subject staff to S1-3 sites to support learning. This enhancement helps to offset some of the difficulties we are currently experiencing and […]

Head Teacher’s update – Wednesday, 25th May - 25th May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers                                                        The drama exams have gone well today. I spoke with many of the students after the exams and feedback was positive. This afternoon I visited St Augustine’s and was able to meet with a number of staff and students to discuss planning for the senior phase. Can I once again ask for your […]

Head Teacher’s Update – Tuesday, 24th May - 24th May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers The SQA examinations in Physics went smoothly at Tynecastle today. Meaningful May students continue to work on a range of activities with Ms McGhie. I also spent time this afternoon at Forrester planning P7 transition activities with Mr Rafferty and was able to speak with many S1 students after lunch. They seem to […]

Exam Support – Business and Computing - 23rd May, 2016

Staff from the Business and Computing faculty will be in Tynecastle High School this week to support students sitting exams. The dates and times are outlined below:   Date Time Subject Level Teacher Wed 25th May 9.30-11.45 Computing N5 D Sansom Wed 25th May 9.30-11.45 Business Management N5 D Sherry Wed 25th May 1.30-3.30pm Computing […]

Head Teacher’s Post – Friday, 20th May - 20th May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers The SQA history exams have gone well today. Student feedback on exiting the exams has been very positive. After the H and AH History exams started I spent the morning with S2 students at the museum visit which provided the opportunity to view the Celts exhibition. This went well and the buses returned […]

Head Teacher’s Update – Thursday, 19th May - 19th May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers Today, our senior history students were once again supported at Tynecastle. Ms Crosbie and Ms Dobson have been working with students at well attended sessions all week. History will take place this Friday. Our alternative timetable activities continue to take place. Yesterday I enjoyed participating with the S1/S3 students at “Xtreme Karting”! Tomorrow […]

Head Teacher’s Update – Wednesday, 18th May - 18th May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers Today’s post after another busy day, I thought it best to summarise into some key points; – Well done to the students who sat their Chemistry papers today from Craigmount, Tynecastle and across the country. Hopefully the work put in through the year will provide the students with the outcome they hope for. […]

Head Teacher Update – Tuesday, 17th May - 17th May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers  No SQA exams here today, but good to see many students taking advantage of the Chemistry revision on offer. I also understand some of you are would appreciate some more detail on the rationale for the final site moves. Here it is:  –          Moving to Tynecastle in June when they change to S4 […]

Girls Netball - 17th May, 2016

Netball message from Miss Smith (care of Ermioni, Greece): St Augustine’s have kindly made their games hall available for some additional practice in the run up to netball trials. Additional practice dates: Wednesday 28th 4:00pm – 5:00pm (supervised by Mr Black) Monday 24th May 4:00pm – 5:00pm (Miss Smith) Wednesday 25th 4:00pm – 5:00pn (Miss […]

Head Teacher’s Update, Monday 16th May - 16th May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers I hope you have all read the Friday post, which confirmed the final school moves. This final move will help us as we will be on 2 sites, as opposed to the 4 sites we were spread across in April. Updates this evening relate mostly to Faculty matters. Faculty Updates Chemistry – Ms […]

Head Teacher’s Update, Friday 13th May - 13th May, 2016

School sites news – important change The move from Broughton to St Augustine’s involving our S3 students on Friday 6th May now allows S3 to be nearer their local area, and has reduced travel time considerably. With S1 students already settled at Forrester, this means we are in effect operating out of one joint campus […]

Head Teacher’s Report, Thursday 12th May - 12th May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers Today was one of the busiest SQA days,  with Mathematics exams at all levels. Once again things have gone smoothly at Tynecastle. Many students also commented to me on how helpful they found the extensive supported study on offer in the lead-up to the exam. Alternative Timetable – Mr Pye Please continue to […]

Head Teacher’s Update, Wednesday 11th May - 11th May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers I am pleased to report Engineering Science went smoothly at Tynecastle today. Once again, very high numbers of students also chose to make use of the on-going supported study on offer for Mathematics. Can I ask you to remind students once again to please wear Craigmount uniform, even for supported study.  This ensures […]

Head Teacher’s Update, Tuesday 10th May - 10th May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers I visited Forrester and St Augustine’s today visited a number of classes. Our staff and students have been made incredibly welcome there. With the exam leave on we have been able to in many instances deploy extra staff with the students. Most pleasingly, as of yesterday S3 students were able to start their […]

Head Teacher’s Update, 9th May 2016 - 9th May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers Biology exams have gone well at Tynecastle today. Our Meaningful May programme is also going well, with a team of staff working on life and employability skills. Can I remind all students, that it is important that school uniform is worn, even during study leave. This is especially important given that we are […]

Head Teacher’s Update  Friday 6th May - 6th May, 2016

Dear Parents/Carers The Geography exam went smoothly at Tynecastle today. I spent the morning at St Augustine’s assisting with the move. Once again, the staff settled quickly and over the next couple of days the phone lines and printer access will be put in place. S3 were very co-operative and all received a safety briefing […]

Secondary ASD Parent Information Sessions - 6th May, 2016

ASD information sessions are now planned for parents and carers of young people with ASD who attend mainstream City of Edinburgh secondary schools. Please click here for more information.