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Dear all,

Our S5 students approached Mr Irving last year and asked if we could look into an S6 Blazer for session 2017/18.

We listened to their pitch and agreed to proceed for the coming year.

This is an optional blazer and does not replace the exisitng Craigmount dress code we have in place with the well established ‘S6 tie’.

The blazer company are attending the S6 induction on Tuesday morning to measure and size up each individual. We wanted to reflect a blazer with appropriate quality at a reasonable price as it is only for one year. As stated earlier, this is optional, though there seems to be a substantial level of interest from the year group which is encouraging.

Prices from the supplier;

Up to 32” – £28.00

34” and 36” – £30.00

38” and above £30.00+vat

Once the sizing up has taken place, students will bring home the information you need to complete the order / purchase.


Thank you