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We thought it would be beneficial to provide some Parental information on our annual Work Placement, in the hope this keeps you in the picture as we approach the key dates in November.

At Craigmount all Students in S4 commit to a Work Placement, we value the benefits that a week in the world of work can bring to students.

The date for this years Work Placement is Monday 14th -18th Nov 2016 inclusive.

Some students complete self found placements, these can be sourced through networks / Family contacts / student interest. For self found placements students MUST complete a form to be handed in on Friday 14th October.

Other placements can be sourced through the WorkIT database, this is an Edinburgh Council wide database that shows placements / opportunities that students can engage in.

How can I support my child on Work Placement?

Parents can speak to Students about their progress with their Work PLacement, do they know how to get there, have they got arrangments for lunch, do they know how to dress for work, do they know their start and finish times. These are examples of supportive questions.

We have a very good history of students doing having successful weeks across the city, with many students going out to our local cluster Primaries / Nursery Schools with an interest in Teaching / Education / Childcare.

As part of the adult role we ask students to adopt, all students are expected to make contact and introduce themselves to their placement contact. Some students may be asked to attend a pre placement meeting, this is arranged through the School (Mr Lynch) and the place of work.

Travel to and from is covered for all students through bus tokens if required, if a student can walk to their placement, there is no need for tokens.

Our Guidance Teacher, Mr Lynch, leads our Work Placement week, if you have any questions please contact Mr Lynch, or your childs Guidance Teacher, in the first instance.


We hope they benefit from the experience.