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Dear S4 S5 Parent,

On Thursday evening we will hold an information session for you. This will talk you through the choice process for students moving from S4 into S5.

S5 Parents are also welcome as this presentation (though seen last year) will support students moving from S5 into S6.

The Course Booklet 2017/18 is now on the website under Parent Publications and Student Documents. This booklet should help guide the choices made, along with Thursday evening plus the upcoming Parents’ Night for S4.

The choice form is at the very back of the booklet. Key points to note are;

-new S5 students must choose 5 Grey Subjects and 1 Yellow Subject

-new S6 students must choose 4 Grey Subjects (or 3 Subjects if they are all at Advanced Higher level)

-you will see the Green list, this outlines the College course possibilities. A hyperlink on the choice sheet takes you to the College Partnership website where full information can be found


On Thursday we start at 7pm. Please use the Events Booking system to book your place.


We look forward to seeing you then.


Mike Irving

Depute Head Teacher