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S3 into S4 Course Choice

This information is designed to keep Parents and Students informed of the subject choice process from S3 into S4.

The course choice / timetabling process begins tomorrow (Jan 7th 2016) with the S3 into S4 Review of Learning.

Students in S3 will be issued, through their Tutors tomorrow, an individual A4 sheet outlining the current subjects they take in S3.

The sheet gives clear instructions for the Students / Parents to follow in order to choose their subjects for S4 and support their step into the Senior school in May. There is an S3 Parents’ evening on Wednesday 20th January to aid decision making.

There will also be a ‘new’ S4 Parental Information Evening on Tuesday 14th June 2016 to help inform Parents of the expectations of the National 3,4,5 courses in S4 and beyond.

M Irving will talk the students through the process during tutor and in an assembly next Thursday 13th January.

The deadline for submitting the Review of Learning forms to your Guidance Teacher is Friday 22nd January 2016, please keep to this date.


Some key points to aid understanding;


  • Students sit a total of 6 main subjects in S4, for 4 periods per week
  • English, Maths, RMPS, Performance PE and PSE are compulsory, the rest are chosen by the student with support from Home / Guidance / Teachers / Careers Advisor
  • Students are strongly encouraged to continue subjects they have studied in S3 into S4 to allow progression / depth of knowledge. However, students are entitled to take a ‘brand new’ subject, but they would be presented at the appropriate level given they have not studied it in S3
  • There is no restriction on nature of subjects chosen, you have a free choice of the subjects you are good at / interested in / enjoy
  • As ever, classes can only run if the numbers interested are viable, if numbers are low, we are unable to run the course
  • The SQA ‘JET’ course involves 1 day per week at a work placement, you will achieve an SQA N4 Employability Award and an SQA N4 Languages for Life & Work Award (see Guidance if interested)
  • Guidance meetings are available on request, if you would like to discuss your choices make an appointment ticking the box on the Review of Learning sheet

If you have any questions speak to your Teachers, Guidance Teachers or any member of the Senior Team, we want you to make the right decisions as you enter the Senior Phase at Craigmount.


Thank you,


Mike Irving

Depute Headteacher