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Dear S3 Parent,

Your son / daughter will receive a sheet of A4 paper this week from their Guidance Teacher, this is called their ‘Review of Learning’. The students will use this to select their subjects for S4.

The instructions on the Review of Learning sheet are designed to be user friendly and straight forward.

Also, we have a booklet under the Parent Publications section of this website which gives an overview of the courses which progress from S3 into S4.

Ideally, students will take subjects from S3 into S4 as this will allow them to build on the learning they have had in the subject through the course of this year. Students can pick brand new subjects, but we advise, if possible, for students to build on their S3 learning.

You will also see Mr Rae’s letter (Headteacher) to all Parents on the developments to our curriculum, which begin May 2017. S3 students going into S4 are now able to take 7 subjects, giving them an increased number of qualifications and a wider choice going into S4,5,6. Please read the letter for full details.

S3 will have a full report and a Parents Evening before the deadline for the Review of Learning sheet is due, this is all planned to help keep you as fully informed as possible.

We will work together throughout this period to set prepare your child for the Senior Phase of their time at Craigmount.


Thank you,

Mike Irving, Depute Headteacher