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S1 Business and S1 Digital Literacy

S1 students can log on to and practice keyboarding skills. See the infographic below that outlines why these skills are useful.

keyboarding infographic

 S2 Computing

Prior to Easter S2 students in Computing were working on their game or animation.  Students can try to recreate their animations or game on the Scratch website. Or have a look at the projects on the Scratch website and customise it.



S3 Administration & IT

The plan for this class was to complete an IT project after Easter which would involve students fine tuning their Microsoft Office skills. S3 Admin students can practice their keyboarding skills via the website. Also, students can improve their Office skills via the website.


S3 Business

Students can continue to improve their Microsoft Office skills using the website. Or use the BBC bitesize website to watch video clips on Working Practices.


S3 Computing Science

S3 students will have had experience programming in Visual Basic, these skills can now be applied to another programming language like Python. Create an account on and work through the Python tutorials. python