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Dear S4,5,6 and Parents,

The Prelims are now planned and available to view by downloading from the school website under the Parent Publication and Student Docs sections.

You will see the Prelims by day starting with January 23rd 2017.

Spend time checking when your Prelims are and highlighting your timetable to aid your planning / revision. PLease do not worry if you spot an error, speak with Mr Irving and a solution will be found.

There is limited Prelim ‘exam leave’ available to Headteachers across Scotland, though we have planned in supported study which you can read about at the back of the Prelim timetable, titled ‘Prelim exam leave’.

Live n Learn have once again supported our S4 students, this follows on from last years event with S4,5,6. Students have had coaching on how best to revise / prepare for assessments now and in the future.

Our Twitter feed @craigmountHS will prompt updates of which exams are on each day, Parents and Students are encouraged to use this facility.

Full assemblies will be held in the new year with S4,5,6 to breif them on expecations set by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA).