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Transition to Craigmount High School

Parental Engagement Events:

We provide the following opportunities to visit Craigmount High School which enable parents to capture the atmosphere of the school so that they may make an informed decision about the next stage of their child’s schooling.

Primary Parents’ Open Afternoon: Wednesday October 26th from 1:45pm to 3:15pm

Our Primary Parents’ Open Afternoon gives parents the chance to see, at first hand, the delivery of the curriculum and the standards expected in classwork and behaviour. The afternoon begins with a brief presentation from members of the Senior Management Team.  This is followed by a guided tour of the school (operating normally).

Primary Parents’ Information Evening: Thursday October 13th 2016

Our information Evening involves a presentation and discussion led by members of the Senior Management Team and students. As well as providing guests with an overview of Craigmount and the transition process, the evening gives an opportunity to speak to students about their experience within different areas of the school curriculum.

P7 Maths Challenge :  15/10/2016

Primary 7 pupils join together in Craigmount to engage in Maths workshops which, as well as developing numeracy skills, give pupils the opportunity to work with and get to know staff, senior students and pupils from other schools.

The P7 Maths Challenge is for all pupils in our associate primaries. They will come to the Maths department for a morning of activities. There are puzzles rooms and team event rooms. The pupils are mixed with other pupils from different primaries to give them an opportunity to meet with some of their peers. S2 pupils from Craigmount are used as helpers so the primary pupils will also make some friends with the other pupils.

Primary pupils aim to arrive about 9:00 for the start and will be available for collection from 11:30 to 11:45.

Transition Group for Vulnerable Pupils : May 2017

The ‘Transition Group for Vulnerable Pupils’ meets on Fridays after Easter to provide vulnerable pupils with an enhanced transition programme. This programme is co-ordinated by Isla Anderson, a Community Education Professional based at Craigmount. Referrals for this group are collected by our learning support teachers during the SfL meetings with Primary staff.

Moving Up Programme : May 2017

In May teachers and students from Craigmount visit Primary Schools to speak to students about their transition and answer any questions they may have.

Craigmount Debating Day : TBC

Primary schools are invited to nominate and send pupils to take part in a day of debating which involves workshops in the morning followed by a debating competition in the afternoon.

Sports Activities and Festival (Summer Term)

In conjunction with Active Schools, our PE staff organise a number of sports events and festivals which bring pupils together during the summer term.

Science Lab Sessions

During May and June pupils from our feeder schools are invited to take part in lab sessions in our Faculty of Science. As well as giving another chance for pupils to visit the school, these sessions provide the opportunity to address the experiences and outcomes which, due to the requirement of specialist equipment, are difficult to cover in the Primary School and help to promote continuity in pupils’ learning.

Transition Induction Visits : 20th – 22nd June 2017

Invitations to our Transition Visits from 20th to 22nd June 2017 have been issued to Primary Schools.

P7 Parents’ Information Evening : 22nd June 2017

On the completion of our Induction Visits, parents are invited to an Information Evening which helps to prepare them for their child’s change of school and provides an opportunity to meet their child’s Student Support Leader (Guidance Teacher). The evening will begin with a presentation at 7:00pm and will finish no later than 8:30pm. Refreshments will be provided on arrival by our Parent Council.

School Handbook

Our School Handbook, which contains useful information about the school, is updated annually. An updated Handbook will be available to download soon on this page.