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CRB are now rolling out the Biometric system to schools that have had the cashless catering upgrade. This will allow students to pay for meals using the new system instead of entering their pin number. The will speed up service at break and lunch.

A form will be sent home with your child tomorrow as well as a FAQ sheet from CRB

• Children under the age of 12 require parental consent prior to the biometric set-up and the Opt-In form must be signed and returned to the school office.

• The Opt-Out Form is for children 12 and over. If you do not wish your child to be registered you must email the school at requesting that you wish your child to Opt-Out

Pupils 12 and over do not need to return any consent forms, only opt-in forms for under 12s and any opt out requests for pupils 12 and over are required.

Any student who has chosen to opt-out can still use their pin number to pay for food.

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