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Dear Parents/Carers

Following the successful S1 Venture trips this week, I am very much looking forward to going to Lagganlia on Monday, no matter the weather!

Today I also enjoyed welcoming Susan Wilson, the Principal Officer for the U.S. Consulate in Edinburgh to the school.  She was here to deliver a session to senior students on the constitution of the U.S, and discuss scenarios in the context of the current geo-political challenges. With her background working in the Peace Corps in Syria, and recent involvement in Turkey, Susan had some real insights to share.

Once again, the Trenches trip has been a major success and I was very proud to view the film of  three of our senior students laying a wreath during the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate on Wednesday 21st September. Fourth years, Ross Scott, James Costello and Andrew Campbell laid a wreath on behalf of the school.  The ceremony was particularly poignant for Ross who has a relative commemorated as one of the over 53,000 missing on the Menin Gate.  .

In a QR code competition, Caitlin Harper found the winning QR code and won a hamper from our local German bakery ‘Störtebaker’ in Costorphine (the smallest shop in Edinburgh!).   The competition (and prize) was to celebrate European Day of Languages on Monday and was organised by Mr Haddad.

Assemblies this week were aimed at S4-6 and outlined details of the Honduras Trip next summer. This was supported by Ms Hickinson, but was student-led. We hope the assemblies will help with the on-going student fund-raising which is taking place to support the costs of the trip.

Last night at the Leadership Team meeting, Mr Irving outlined a proposal based on the curriculum structure consultation exercise held last session with staff, students and parents. Mr Irving outlined a possible new model for Craigmount which would allow students to choose up to 7 National Qualifications in S4. Students currently select 6. Under the new model, this would still be possible. Mr Irving will present the proposals at the Parent Council meeting on Monday 10th October.

Finally, whilst congratulating the 99% of students who always arrive on time and in uniform, appropriately prepared each day, I would like to ask parent support in ensuring the other 1% improve. Punctuality and readiness are important work and life skills. Students are expected to be in school at the first bell, 8.25; and in classes by the second bell at 8.30. At lunch the times are 1.25 in school and in class by 1.30. Texts are sent out for lateness, and the Senior Team has been contacting parents of the minority of students who have been frequently late, especially after lunch, to ask for support in tackling this poor habit. The main thing I would ask for parent support with as regards uniform is to ensure black shoes rather than white are worn. Your support with these requests is much appreciated.

T Rae

Head Teacher