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Dear Parents/Carers

Once again, thank you for all the support and feedback, including concerns, over the past few weeks. On Friday, I collated the key parental concern themes and incorporated these into my update. Thank you also to Parent Council members who have been so helpful in collating and identifying issues. I will continue to address these where I can, and  I will continue to share these issues with my line managers. Please also continue to use the mailbox provided by City of Edinburgh for any feedback.

Currently, we remain focused on ensuring the SQA exams, now to be based at Tynecastle, run smoothly. We continue to meet with council and SQA staff, and Curriculum Leaders are working closely with us to ensure deadlines for course materials and estimates are being met in a way that meets our students’ needs. Please also allow me to repeat some key messages on the exams below:

  • We will run a completely separate exam programme using the Tynecastle large games hall. This hall is similar (in fact larger) to the Craigmount Hall and the set-up will be similar, and so familiar to our students
  • Alternative assessment arrangements planning is complete, and letters will go out later this week. We are now in the process of identifying suitable rooms, for alternative arrangements
  • Mitie and AMEY staff are working together to ensure all the desks, chairs etc. are brought across from Craigmount in good time
  • Once exam leave starts teams of Faculty staff will remain at Tynecastle to support students who want advise on any aspect of study or assessment

S1-3 Curriculum

We are also looking ahead to how we will improve the S1-3 curriculum next week, when more teaching staff become available. As the three year-groups are spread across 4 sites, without access to practical accommodation, then this continues to limit our capacity for restoring what we had before, even with extra staff.


As I write, the same arrangements as last week are in place. I will continue to share your concerns with those making the travel plans that these arrangements are resulting in a delayed start, as well as your feedback on the delayed returns from the Broughton site.  I have noted the helpful suggestion that perhaps the Broughton buses could leave first, as they have the furthest to travel. This will of course on depend on numbers of buses available, and which company is being contracted.

What happens next this term?

Much will of course depend on the school buildings draft report, scheduled for release this Friday. I will be liaising with council lead staff this week, to request what options will be in place if Craigmount remains closed. Thank you for the helpful suggestions shared with me through our Parent Council Chair. I am sure you will understand that these decisions are not made at school level.

Faculty and club news

Planning continues to ensure our Alternative Timetable runs as usual.

Trophies. We are looking ahead and planning for our Celebration of Achievement. Can you please remind students to return any trophies / cups to the senior member of staff at the site they are at? Thanks.

Sailing – Mr Sadler

I am pleased to say that the Sailing Club will start this Thursday.  The minibus will leave from Darroch at the end of the school day and return the S2 students to Craigmount after sailing.  Unfortunately it has proved very difficult to arrange transport for the S3 students in the current situation.  They will get a full refund.

Mr T Rae


Head Teacher