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Dear Parents/Carers

This week we welcomed back our senior students. Mr Raeburn has provided the following update.

We welcomed students back to Craigmount with an Induction Day on Tuesday. It was an extremely positive day with two excellent key note speakers. Dan Miller (Founder & CEO of Young Professionals) discussed how he turned a small idea in school to now being one of the market leaders in his profession and talked of the skills and qualities he developed along his journey. Keith Cook (British Fencing Champion & Commonwealth Games medallist) inspired the students as he shared his athlete journey and interacted with the students encouraging them to develop resilience and a positive mind set. Both thought provoking key note speakers gave students the opportunity to reflect and be ambitious as they embark on the new academic year.

Re-coursing has been taking place this week and we have endeavoured to make the appropriate changes where possible. Thank you for your support in discussing potential changes with your son/daughter as we aim to get a timetable that best suits their needs. Any student who still wishes to change a subject should meet with Mrs Urquhart next week during the subject that they wish to switch out of.
Mr Raeburn (DHT)

Mr Raeburn will also be working with Pupil Support Leaders in June to recruit our S6 Ambassadors for next session. We also aim to add S3 Ambassadors this session as a way of further promoting student leadership. Mr Pye (DHT) is also organising a fully funded leadership trip in partnership with Outward Bound early next session. The aim of this course will be to further develop student involvement in school leadership and to build on the excellent work of the Student Council this session.

I also enjoyed meeting a number of our new P7 students these past few days. They have been taking part in enhanced transition visits. The group yesterday were visiting in order to make a short film to show to peers. This morning the students were taking part in activities in PE and Music when I dropped by. We are looking forward to the full three day visit which starts with the P7 Transition Fun Day on Monday 17th June.

Yesterday around forty students participated in the Beach games. When I spoke with the students when they returned they told me it was a very enjoyable event, and they had won a number of medals. Mr Terris led this event, supported by Mrs Woodhouse and our PE student teacher and rugby coach.

I also met with our Food Consumer Technology/Religious and Moral Education faculty to discuss the report produced based on their recent evaluation. This was really helpful in identifying the strengths in the faculty and in order to jointly identify next steps for improvement planning. This will greatly assist the new Curriculum leader, Ms Arbuckle, who was successful at interview last month.

Staying with staffing, I can now confirm that we have also appointed an experienced guidance teacher from another authority to take up the vacancy in guidance from August.

Finally, a lot of work continues to take place with Scottish Theatre on the “Like Flying” Project. The students involved, both as performers, and those with technical support roles are really enjoying the project, and gaining valuable life and vocational skills.

Have a good weekend. I look forward to seeing former S6 and Parents at the S6 Prom this evening.

T Rae
Head Teacher