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Dear Parents/Carers

Once again this week we welcomed our cluster Primary 7 students for transition visits. These visits are linked to Hour of Code activities and I want to thank Mrs Hendrie and the Computing/Business Education faculty for delivering this.

This week we also had students taking part in the Royal Society of Chemistry competition. Mr Harkins has sent me the update below. Thanks to Mr Harkins for supporting this at such a busy time.

On Wednesday the 5th of December, four of our students (one S2 and three S3) took part in the annual Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) ‘Top of the Bench’ chemistry competition at Heriot Watt University. The team competed really well and even though they didn’t win the students really enjoyed the experience of testing themselves against the best chemistry teams in Edinburgh . “The fierce competition was exciting.” ( student comment). After the competition, they were treated to a lecture on Chirality from a professor of chemistry from the university “The lecture was really insightful and exciting.” (Student comment).
Mr Harkins

A key focus this week though has been on delivering the S4-6 formal assessments smoothly and I am grateful to our excellent team of invigilators and the planning done by Mr Raeburn (DHT) which has made this possible.

Mrs Jack, our Pupil Equity Coordinator has asked me to share the message below:

Free Sanitary Products
The Scottish government has set aside £5million to ensure all students at schools, colleges and universities across Scotland have access to free sanitary products. As part of this boxes of sanitary towels have been delivered to the school. The Pupil Support leaders have always had a supply of sanitary products for students who are in need but these are now available in every department of the school. Students should look out for the laminated “Hey girls” signs in classrooms around the school and should help themselves to products as required.
Mrs Jack

Foodbank donations
Following on from the House Assemblies last week, teams of students have been organising the collection station every morning this week. They are doing a great job and I want to thank any of you who have been able to support with foodbank donations so far. The initiative continues next week. I have pasted a link to the film made by the students in support of this venture. It is very impressive!

Below is a report from our Active Schools Co-coordinator, Mr Russell about dance.

“Both junior and senior Craigmount dance groups took part in the Active Schools Day of Dance at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on Saturday. The event saw three shows through the day with over 500 dancers from across the city taking part. A number of our senior dancers also helped with the performances from our feeder Primary schools, supporting them backstage and on stage with their performance. A big thank you to J Dailly, our brilliant dance teacher, for all her work in preparing the dancers for the show.”
Mr Russell

Mrs Hendrie has provided information on the P7 visits below:

“This week we welcomed the primary 7s from Roseburn, Corstorphine, East Craigs and Hillwood. The students were in the Computing Department learning about the importance of reading and writing code. They created their own programs in Scratch that involved designing a dance for our robot, Marty, and finished off with some coding challenges using the Code Monkey website.”
Mrs Hendrie

Last Friday, too late for inclusion in last week’s post, I also saw the second half of the senior boys football match against George Watson’s College. It was a competitive game ending in a 2-2 draw. I don’t think I would be showing partiality if I said that we were unlucky not to win.

Finally, the Christmas tree went up yesterday and brings a festive mood to the social areas. Thank you to Mrs Hawkins and our fantastic janitors for doing this. I look forward to seeing many of you at the Christmas Concert on Monday evening.

Have a good weekend.

T Rae
Head Teacher