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Dear Parents/Carers

I want to start with some excellent feedback on our Duke of Edinburgh Gold group shared by Mrs Grocott earlier this week. Well done to all involved in making this happen.

“Four of our sixth years, S Andrew, A McDiarmid, J Hunter and C Simmons recently completed their Gold DofE Expedition in some very challenging conditions and in wild land in the Glencoe area. They prepared an excellent presentation which was delivered last Wednesday evening to parents, DofE leaders Mr Cheyne, Ms MacKay, myself, co-ordinator Neil from FOTA and their expedition supervisor Bruce. Bruce said they were one of the best Gold groups he had ever worked with at the presentation and had previously sent the school an e-mail saying, “Had a great expedition with your gold guys over the last 5 days. Congratulations and respect to the four students for completing a tough 50 miles in some pretty poor weather. Derek (assessor) and myself enjoyed it. Our roles made easy by the way the team worked together and behaved. Credit to them and everyone who has helped and supported them to get where they are.” The participants continue to work towards completing all 5 sections under the supervision of Ms MacKay.”
J Grocott

Mr Sherry has also asked me to share the feedback below about the current work of one of the Retail classes:
As part of their coursework the National 5 Retail students have to plan, organise and run an event. The class split into three groups. Two of the groups decided on a theme. The first group had their event on Tuesday 30th October and sold seasonal treats on the concourse. This was a great success and all of the products were sold. The second group had their event the next day and they sold seasonal cakes and cookies. Again, this was a sell out! The students led things very well and all staff and pupils enjoyed the events. The third group will be running their event just before Christmas.
Mr Sherry

This week the awareness-raising assemblies on keeping safe during the lead up to bonfire night continued and were delivered by PC Millar. Some of our S6 Ambassadors also updated students on the progress with the S1-3 Student Parliament, which met earlier this week. I am grateful to Ms Tomas for leading in this area.
Yesterday we also participated in a joint evaluation with Pupil Support staff from Queensferry High School. This involved focus groups, observations and meetings. This is the first time this process has happened in the city and we will be sharing our learning with others as we move forward. All involved enjoyed the process and feedback was very positive. Next week Craigmount staff will be reciprocating at Queensferry.
Yesterday, Mr Pye, DHT, emailed S1 parents with some updates and information on a number of matters. This emailing is now possible as almost all parents have provided an email address. Our office staff continue to contact those of you still to do so. Office staff are also aiming to ensure all parents are signed up to Parent Pay as this greatly supports the school in managing transactions. Thanks to those who have responded to the recent letter and instructions, and now registered on Parent Pay. Mr Raeburn, DHT, will also be emailing some information and updates to S4-6 parents by early next week.

Next week Mr McPake will be organising an important debate around what is the most appropriate way to promote remembrance on Armistice Day, a very topical issue. Advance Higher History students will also be participating in a history conference at university led by Mrs Crosbie. Craigmount students who took part in the recent battlefields trip will also be participating in local remembrance events.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Rae
Head Teacher