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Dear parents/carers

Our S4-6 have now started exam leave and we wished them well this week. All details on exams and SQA matters are on the website, including details of the special “Immersion” study support days offered by faculties prior to the exams. Those students not on full exam leave also received letters this Thursday giving details of the May Programme. The letter outlines the aims and rationale. Please support us by ensuring that those on the programme attend these valuable sessions.

Our S6 enjoyed their final morning and it was good to meet with them all mid-morning for some cake in the staffroom. I reminded them that they have been a fantastic year-group right through school, and offered good wishes for the coming exams. Staff always speak very highly of them and we are now looking forward to seeing them next month socially at the prom.

Enjoy the May weekend.

T Rae

Head Teacher