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Dear Parents/Carers

It was good meeting so many of you at the excellent S3 parent evening on Wednesday. Attendance was almost 100% and we have contacted the small number of parents unable to attend. It was good to hear that the support materials on the website about the new curriculum structure have been well-received by the parents of the new S4, who will benefit most from the increase to seven National Qualifications.

The S4-6 prelims have also been progressing smoothly this week. I have spoken with many students between exams and they are finding the experience challenging but fair.

Assemblies this week were used to brief S1-3 students about the Week of Wellbeing (WOW17) in May. Mr Beattie led on this and students should now be making selections online. Next week assemblies will be promoting whole school numeracy led by Mrs Blair and Ms Mattocks.

Our S2 RME classes will also start a planned series of visits to Edinburgh Zoo, which will become the context for an exploration of ethics and morality, key developments in the stimulating new courses being developed by Ms Woodhouse and Mr O’Rourke. Our scientists have also been successful once again. The post below is from Mr Gullen:

Congratulations to our Space Design Challenge team, “ASTROMECHANICS” for getting through to the UK Space Design Challenge Finals.

The finals will take place at the Imperial College in London, on the weekend of March 18th– 19th 2017.

During the final our team will work together with other teams and the best 10 students from the winning team will go to NASA/ Houston in June 2017.

Out of all other twenty six winning teams we are the only state school in Scotland, and one of only two Scottish schools to make the finals.

T Rae

Head Teacher