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Dear Parents/Carers

I want to start by offering students who are currently celebrating Eid our best wishes for this important time.

Our S1 continue to find their feet in secondary school and many staff have been commenting on the positive attitude to learning they are showing. One science lesson I dropped in on certainly had their undivided attention. It involved the dissection of owl pellets in geography which gradually revealed the complete skull of a vole!

Our Advanced Higher biologists also took part on a Field Trip with Mrs Grocott this week, which is a great way to start the course.

A very exciting enterprise in relation to our equity drive was the start of the Craigmount morning café/breakfast club. Mrs Jack, our Equity Co-ordinator has asked me to share the information below:

Breakfast Club

This started on Monday 20th August, and runs every morning from 8am-8.20am in the community wing.
Aim: to increase the numbers of students eating breakfast before school, which in turn should increase concentration and readiness to learn. The secondary aim is to provide a nurturing and welcoming space for all students to experience a positive start to their day.
Run by staff and student volunteers. I am very grateful to all who are generously supporting the mornings.
Food is paid for by Pupil Equity Fund and provided in partnership with Cyrenians FairShare, a charity that seeks to reduce both food waste and poverty.
Mrs Jack

Staying with the wellbeing agenda, Mr Russell, our Active Schools co-ordinator will be sharing full details of the sporting programme in next week’s post.

Early next week we will also be posting the full calendar of parent events for the session. The first event will be a numeracy information evening during Maths Week Scotland on Tuesday 11th September. There is also an information event for S4 parents on the 13th September, which, like last session, will offer advice on how to do well in the national courses. Mr Pye has set up today the usual booking arrangements through the online booking system. To book events, click here.

We also have our Faculty Awards on 6th September, and letters have gone out today by post to those who will be taking part. This event will include both academic and drive awards based on school values. Mr Gray, CL Social Subjects, and Mr Pye, DHT are leading on this event.

I also want to acknowledge the tremendous confidence and commitment shown by A Potluru in S4, who will soon be speaking at the launch of the Edinburgh 2050 Vision project. During the course of the last session, she took part in regular planning meetings with the Chief Executive. This ensured that in this Year of Young People in City of Edinburgh, the voice of a young person was certainly heard at high level strategic meetings. As an experienced debater, I know she will have made these points eloquently, and I am proud that a Craigmount student was able to contribute to the planning. Next week other senior students will also be taking part in a transport planning meeting in the city centre. I will say more about this in the next post.

Finally, thank you if you have already returned the data update request forms, and included an email address. These have been coming in steadily. It would be very helpful if you could ensure all returns were sent in by Friday 31st August. This would really be appreciated as we want to be able to communicate with all parents as soon as possible using email.

I hope you enjoy the final festival weekend.

T Rae
Head Teacher