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Dear Parents/Carers
I will start with a piece of good news from the science faculty. A team from S1-3 enjoyed some recent success in a robot design competition, one of the many opportunities our science staff make available to students. Below is a brief report from Ms Burns/Mr Owens who supported this activity.
“The team showed great resilience and teamwork on the day, adapting to and solving a multitude of challenges that they faced during the competition. As a result, the team won a trophy and certificate for the best robot design after presenting their design to a panel of judges. The team was delighted to be recognised for their efforts, which were a culmination of lunchtime and after school sessions in preparation for the competition day.
The team was comprised of a number of students across S1-3. We’re now looking at options for further competitions to enter as the team are keen to keep going and hone their skills further – and perhaps make it to the UK final next year.”
E Burns/D Owens

This morning our S3 students had an opportunity to hear about the numerous charities supporting the Youth Philanthropy project design to develop work and life skills. These charities had set up stalls in the school library. The students will now work with and research their chosen charity in teams. This work will include on-site visits later this term. This project culminates in the final presentations in May. One lovely benefit was that one of the charities, which works with “Therapets” was able to stay a little longer so that those students working in the new nurture base this morning got to meet Willow the golden retriever. She was a popular dog!
All year groups also had assemblies this week led by Ms Coull. These were delivered by S6 Ambassadors, who shared the good work of the student parliament this session so far. Our new Campus Liaison Officer, PC McPherson, also introduced himself to students, and offered support and guidance on appropriate use of social media. He is also working with us to develop further parental guidance on this area and will take part in the planned health and Wellbeing support evening for parents planned for the 9th May. More details on this will be issued in due course. Mrs Coull and Mr Samson are currently co-planning this with parents.
Finally, now that we have completed all the coursing evenings and parent consultations, we are busy planning for next year. Our focus is now also on the lead up to the SQA exams and how we can best support and challenge our students. Please encourage your son/daughter to attend supported study. Mr Raeburn has already emailed a summary of what is taking place to senior school parents. You may also receive emails alerting you to any deadlines and assessments taking place in faculties so that you can also encourage and support. Your support and partnership in this is much appreciated.
Have a good weekend.
T Rae
Head Teacher