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Dear Parents/Carers

Our Week of Wellbeing 2017 has gone very well, with many students confirming what a great time they have had this week. I hope you are enjoying the various Tweets from the residential trips. The weather has also contributed to an enjoyable week. I want to acknowledge the massive commitment of staff in planning and delivering such a large scale extra-curricular experience. It is one of the reasons we enjoy such good staff -student relationships.

The SQA exams continue to pass smoothly thanks to our fantastic invigilation team. The team had a verifying visit from SQA moderators during the week and this went very well. Once again, please keep encouraging  the students to take advantage of the extra Immersion Day support.

Our May Programme is also going well and this year I can see how much students are benefiting from and appreciating the activities on offer. The idea is to really help prepare them for the S5-6 experience next session.

Today I also submitted the Craigmount planning proposal for our use of the Pupil Equity funding. I will update you when I hear more from the local authority on our submission. We are hoping to create a part-time Development Post for supporting students, as well as commissioning support for Youth/Family engagement. We are also working very closely with our cluster primaries on common approaches to improving pedagogy.

Finally, it was good to meet the students and parents in our enhanced transition group this morning. We have created a rich programme of class activities for the students over the next month, and I am very grateful to the staff who have volunteered to support this.

T Rae

Head Teacher