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Dear Parents/Carers

School started very early for some this morning with many students enjoying the charity football from 7.00 a.m. on the Astro as part of Sportathon. Lots of other sporting events including volleyball and badminton also took place this morning. The S6 set the theme for a 1960s/1970s look and many have made a real effort with this. The annual “Craigmount Mile” was certainly a colourful affair today! Many staff have also made an effort with costumes. I want to thank the PE team and the S6 leaders for organising this fun event. So far we have raised almost £1200, with contributions still coming in.

We also have a number of S3 out of school visiting their chosen charity as part of the Young Philanthropist Project.

Thank you to those of you who wrote in advance to confirm that you were giving permission for your son/daughter ( as requested in the City of Edinburgh letter about the student climate change protests) to be absent today. This will be coded as authorised absence in line with city guidelines. As a school, our sustainability group, and Student Parliament will continue to promote awareness on environmental issues. Our S1 are particularly committed to this and I have heard that the P7 students in our cluster are also very motivated. We look forward to welcoming them.

This week the five House assemblies were led by Pupil Support leaders and focused on mental health awareness. They also reminded students of the importance of good attendance and punctuality and until the end of term we will be promoting and monitoring this closely. Mrs Coull (DHT) will be writing to parents/carers with an update on expectations and procedures. Thank you for supporting us with this.

I also want to mention some excellent feedback on the work of one of our S6, L Denholm, who has been helping with designs at Fox Covert Early Years. This is linked to his chosen career path and he will soon take up a place at university. One of our students, S Dongo, also won the S2-3 category for multi-lingual poetry in the annual Scottish National Centre for Language competition, Mother Tongue, Other Tongue. Her poem was in Arabic. This is an interesting initiative in Modern Languages as it allows bi-lingual students to demonstrate their skills in their first language.

Earlier this week, I met with representatives from CGI, who have the ICT contract with the city. This is the first of many meetings to plan the refresh of the ICT hardware in the school in June.

Further progress was also made this week with the Scottish Theatre drama project for S2. All have now had a chance to experience, “Like Flying” and S2 will view a PowerPoint in Tutor Groups next week which seeks volunteers for the actual performance in June. This now looks like it will be based in the school. Also within the Performing Arts faculty, music has contacted the parents of instrumentalists inviting them to form an audience for a musical performance evening event on the 1st April.

Thanks to Mr Hume in the library who has sent out a presentation to be shown in Tutor Groups. This shows the range of activities taking place last week to promote World Book Day.

Practicals and assignments in the senior school also continue, with the oral assessments in Modern Languages taking place for example. Other assessments included History, Computing and FCT. These continue to go well. Our partners LiveNLearn will also be offering sessions on study planning with all S4-6 next week. There is also a parent advice session. Mr Raeburn has already emailed details. This takes place on Wednesday 20th march and can be booked using the parent booking system.

Finally, I hope those going on the ski trip next week find the right conditions on the slopes. So far I hear things are looking promising. Mr Gray in PE is leading this trip.

Have a good weekend.

T Rae
Head Teacher