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Dear Parents/Carers

This week Mrs Coull and the pupil support team have been working hard planning the final details of the P7 transition visit next week. Of course, 24 students have already been in the school on Fridays recently this term as part of our enhanced transition. We also welcomed the parents of those on this enhanced transition this morning in order to meet them, and get some feedback. There was also coffee and cake!. This year we have also added an extra day to the P7 three day visit, and on Monday all students will benefit from a chance to take part in fun activities across the school. This allows them an extra, less formal chance to get to know each other, and will allow us to learn more about the students before the three day visit starts. The P7 information evening for the transition will be on Thursday 21st June. Mrs Coull has already shared full details with P7 parents.

This morning, the PE department also organised and delivered our annual Sports Day, with the guidance teams working on posters and support materials with students to promote House identity. Fortunately the weather stayed kind to us, with the sun even coming out as the House Cup for Athletics was awarded to Mr Lynch of Arthur House. This was only fitting as this will be his final sports day after thirty seven years at Craigmount, currently with the guidance team, and before that, the PE department. It was a nice moment.

We also have 19 students out on Duke of Edinburgh Silver expedition today and yesterday, a really strong group who are working well with the staff team: Mr Cheyne, Ms Batten and Mr MacArthur.

The music rehearsals for the trip to Lake Garda have also been taking place, and I look forward to seeing parents of the tour party at the pre-tour concert organised by Ms Hannah on Monday evening.

This week many of our Curricular Leaders and Guidance staff also took part in some extra training looking at alternative qualifications for those who can sometimes struggle with more academic routes. It is possible in many subject areas to achieve Level 5 ( National 5) and Level 6 (Higher) qualifications by different means. These qualifications are equally valid in terms of course entry requirements and over the next few years schools will be developing in this area. Mrs Urquhart has also been further refining and improving the progression pathways and will be scheduling some parent information evenings for senior school parent next session. These will build on the sessions previously offered on Modern Apprenticeships. This is an important part of our efforts to offer a range of successful pathways which meet the needs of all of our learners.

Yesterday I met with our Chaplaincy support team and Ms Franks, to plan the Time for Reflection programme for next session. This has gone well this year, in particular the addition of drop-in sessions for students after the assemblies at break, where they can discuss any issues arising from the assemblies, and have some free doughnuts! Mrs Franks will now be getting student input for the programme which aims to connect with the Year of Young People.

Finally, it was a pleasure to speak with every single new S6 student when they were collecting the S6 ties this week. Many also took away applications and remit forms for S6 House Ambassadors. Interviews will take place in the final week of term. It was also a pleasure to attend the successful prom last week with our departing S6. They were a credit to their families and the school, with the atmosphere at prom commented on by many staff as being excellent.

Have a good weekend.

T Rae
Head Teacher