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Head Teacher update   Friday 14th September 2018


Dear Parents/Carers


It was good meeting many of you at the well-attended events for S1 and S4 this week. S1 and S4 parents will be emailed details from the evenings next week. Most parents have now provided a current email address, but please contact us with one if you have not already done so as we are now using email as our main communication method for key information. I want to thank the staff who contributed to preparing and delivering the events. These included: Mrs Blair, Mrs Batten, Mr MacArthur, Mr Webster, Mr Spears, Mrs Inglis, Mr Raeburn and Mrs Hendrie.


Mrs Blair has also asked me to share the information below about a University Event this weekend. This would make a nice culmination for the activities taking place during Maths Week Scotland across the country.


On Saturday 15th September we will run a Maths Circle at the University of Edinburgh, with many hands on mathematical activities.

Further information at:

Edinburgh Maths Circle | School of Mathematics

The Edinburgh Maths Circle is an opportunity for children aged 5 to 16 and their families to join us for an afternoon of fun and stimulating hands-on mathematics.


I also want to thank Mrs Jack for meeting the parents of those involved in the trip being planned for Ullswater next month, as this also took place on Thursday evening. She has provided a brief description of the trip below.


This exciting opportunity has arisen through a new partnership with The Outward Bound Trust, an educational charity that develops young people through learning and adventure in the wild.  The experience will be tailored to meet participant’s needs, to raise aspirations and develop resilience and skills to help them thrive in education, work and life. Evaluation of these outdoor learning courses shows that they promote confidence and ability in young people.  They can have a positive impact on emotional well-being as students develop a range of skills, from determination to the ability to set and achieve goals.


Finally, I am in a position to share some details of a wonderful opportunity earned by one of our students through physics. Thanks to Mr Gullen for supporting with this.


J Dimitrova 401 has been selected to do a work experience at the School of Physics & Astronomy at Glasgow University next week.


The week will include:
– training in essential skills for a scientist
– working with a world-leading research groupTom
– career and research talk participation
– laboratory and facility tours
– a mini research conference
Finally, I want to raise your awareness of the fact that that a group of staff and students from Craigmount will be joining Team Joanna at the Kilt Walk, and would urge you to support this charitable endeavour if asked by members of the community to support it. I am looking forward to the walk and hope the weather is kind to us all. Joanna left  Craigmount after S6 in June and has been doing some fantastic work for charity, during a very difficult time over the past year. I know many of you will be aware of this work.


In the meantime, I wish you all a good September weekend break.


Mr T Rae

Head Teacher