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Dear Parents/Carers

Term has started well with the students returning refreshed from the festive break. Happy New year to all.  I have spoken to many seniors and they seem to have appreciated the fact they completed the formal assessments prior to the holidays. Staff will now be giving feedback to them, and meeting with parents in the term ahead so we can work together to optimise success for all. Once again we will be working with a variety of partners to target support at students based on the most up to date feedback and data.

There was a also a well-attended and successful S3 into S4 course information evening last night led by Mr Pye( DHT) and Mrs Urquhart (DHT). I want to thank other staff who supported including  Mrs Sanders (science) and our Careers Adviser, Ms Burns. Mrs Urquhart will also be putting out a communication to all parents offering the chance to attend a Careers Fair at the end of January as part of our on-going strategy aimed at developing better workforce skills awareness.

Term also ended well and I can now inform you we raised over £800 for the three identified charities as a result of the “lip sync battle”. Calton House also won the Christmas House Quiz Competition with 492 points, a clear lead over the nearest competitor, Arthur. Well done  to them, and to all who participated.

I look forward to meeting many of you in the busy term ahead, which has a number of coursing information and parent information evenings.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Rae

Head Teacher