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Dear Parents/Carers

I want to start with some of the excellent wider achievement activities and successes this week. First of all, in debating. Mr McPake has put together the update below:

On Saturday the 17th of November, Craigmount High School won the University of St Andrews Debating Competition. A McDiarmid & A Shiels spoke in opposition to the motion “This House believes that artists should not make statements about their art” in order to triumph over a Watson’s team that won the competition for the past two years running. However, they were not the only debating team able to call the day a success. St Andrews is a senior competition dominated by S6s. Four teams participate in the final of a debating competition. Stewart Melville and Watson’s were represented in the final alongside two Craigmount teams. The second Craigmount team featured A Potluru (S4) and L Kelly (S2). They won out over 24 other teams, mostly S6s, to win a place in the final. L Kelly was not even high enough to reach the table! This is a spectacular achievement. 

Debating at Craigmount is an activity open to all. Roughly 50 students a week attend our Thursday lunchtime debates. McDiarmid and Shiels won the tournament after 6 years of hard work. There are many more putting in that work today. 

Andy McPake 

Teacher of English 

Craigmount High School 


We also had UK success in the sciences when the Craigmount High School UK Space Design Challengeteam of thirteen students competed and came second at the UKSDC at Edinburgh University last Saturday. Their work ethic was fantastic. I want to thank Mr Gullen for leading on this, and Ms Burns in science for supporting.

A group of S2 students also took part in the CABEC Engineering Challenge with other City of Edinburgh schools and really enjoyed this important STEM experience. Thanks to Mrs Hendrie for facilitating this wider achievement opportunity for the students.

In terms of individual achievement, congratulations to H Buchanan in S4 who gained a Gold Medal at the European karate Championships this week.

Many of these achievements will now be acknowledged and shared at House Assemblies this week. This is the first time we have used this format and I want to thanks our Pupil Support Leaders, S6 Ambassadors and Ms Thomas for working hard to collect and collate the details.

This morning we had two important partner events. Mr Cheung from Scholar delivered a session to all S4 and S5 students on the workings and benefits of Scholar. All students have passwords and an understanding of how to access this important free online resource. I would encourage you to discuss this with them and take a look. Parents. Carers need to use the student log in.

We also had our S6 PSE classes in the staffroom at the same time this morning where they heard a presentation from Alcoholics Anonymous. The speakers shared powerful personal stories, including some young people who had encountered problems after starting university. Such talks are an important part of the PSE programme and aimed at empowering our young people to make the best choices and to keep themselves safe and well.

Finally, I also enjoyed observing an S1 PE class this week, who were working to develop hockey skills. Despite being out on a pretty cold Wednesday afternoon on the Astroturf, they were really engaged and positive at all times. It was great to see them in action first hand, and being ably supported by Mr Terris.

Have a good weekend.

T Rae

Head Teacher