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Dear Parents/Carers

I want to update you with progress on planning today.

Our senior team has now developed an adapted curriculum for all S1-3 students and teams of Craigmount staff will relocate to Broughton (S3) , Darroch (S2)  and Forrester/St Augustine’s (S1)  tomorrow to plan for the pupil start on Wednesday. This will start with an induction and orientation in the new site, with an emphasis on safety.

We will continue to make contact with parents of Inclusion Resource students individually by telephone. The induction of a number of these students on Friday went well. We have done all we can to ensure the taxi transport arrangements have been updated, and that this runs as smoothly as possible.

At the moment we continue to work with the centre on bus arrangements but these have yet to be finalised. I am now informed that buses will not be available early enough to ensure a return to Craigmount by 3.30 as had been announced on the Council website last Friday.  As soon as I have further details, these will be posted on our website on Tuesday.

S4-6 remain at Tynecastle with the same arrangements as last week, when the move started very smoothly. I look forward to welcoming them again on Tuesday. I cannot praise enough how fantastic their attitude was last week.

Mr T Rae

Head Teacher