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Cambridge University Visit


Cambridge trip by Moira Kisitu

Before I we went on the trip to Cambridge, I thought it would be almost entirely different to what it was. I assumed because it was a multiple day trip to a renowned and seemingly “posh people” university there would be endless lectures and dorms filled with Britain’s richest. Even so I decided it would be a good experience for me as I, if I manage to get the grades, am planning to attend University straight after school. However, when we arrived there we were welcomed by one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

The areas we stayed in was so vast and glorious I couldn’t help but feel blessed to have seen it with my own eyes. Once we were settled into our rooms we were given the itinerary for the trip and to my surprise we only had two talks for the entire trip and no gruelling lectures. We had even been given free time to explore the town and all of the stores within it. Once we had been introduced and settled in we were shown the games room which soon became our home away from home for the next few days. There were endless games of pool and foosball and many arguments over FIFA and call of duty and how to plug in the Xbox in that too throughout our stay there which we’ll never forget.

The next day, we had breakfast there and the hall looks so grand and the food was amazing. Then we were off to a tour of a few of the colleges. I expected them all to be almost identical as if they were the same building copied and pasted all around Cambridge but it was far from that. Each college and the housings there’s was made entirely differently, some significantly older than the others, some modern, so small and some enormous. I would’ve loved to have spent however many years at any of them without a doubt. After we’d visited them all we went out for a meal as a group. The food was delicious even though the portions were extremely big which some of us were more than happy to have. The next day we had breakfast for the last time there and we all were distraught that we’d have to leave that day. We all wished it was so much longer.

This trip has entirely changed my thoughts on Cambridge and University as a whole. I now know the beauty of Cambridge as a town and all the colleges. Being talked through the way they teach and all the facilities etc. showed me that an education there is definitely value for money. I now know roughly how demanding university life is and I feel a little more prepared for my life as a student at whatever university I end up attending.

The talks have now made me think a little harder about my future. Before I wasn’t bothered about what university I attended but after the talks I now know of the importance of choosing the right university and course for you. This trip has really helped me think more about my future and made the not so distant future look so much clearer.

Cambridge Report by Gregor Todd

Before I went on this trip, I wasn’t entirely sure whether I would enjoy it, or about anything regarding university. However I now feel I can comfortably say I know a lot more about these than I did before.

Firstly, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It gave good insight into what it would be like to go to Cambridge, not only in terms of academic studies but what it would be like to live their. I also learned about the process for university. This wasn’t just for Cambridge as we learnt more about UCAS and things like personal statements. I also learnt more about the University of Cambridge itself. I learnt about its collegiate system, the teaching system, the price of going and about student life in Cambridge.

I would definitely say that the trip has had an impact on my future plans. Before, I was unsure on whether I would ever apply for Cambridge or Oxford but now if I got good enough exam results I definitely would apply. This has also made me even more determined to do well in my exams and go to university, even if it isn’t Oxford or Cambridge,

Overall, I enjoyed the trip and found it useful, with it inspiring me to try harder to possibly end up going to Cambridge.