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Mathematics Links and Resources

Topics for Upcoming Formal Assessments in December

Higher Maths

  1. Straight Line
  2. Recurrence relations
  3. Differentiation including optimisation and curve sketching
  4. Functions
  5. All Graphs
  6. Polynomials
  7. Quadratic Theory
  8. Circle

National 5 Maths

  1. Surds, indices and scientific notation
  2. Algebraic expressions: expanding brackets, factorising and algebraic fractions
  3. Shape: volume, arc length and area of a sector
  4. Shape: similarity, pythagoras and angles in circles
  5. Equations: solving equations, inequalities, simultaneous equations and changing the subject
  6. Quadratics: graphs, solving, the discriminant and completing the square
  7. Trigonometry: graphs and solving trig equations.

National 5 Applications of Maths

  1. Rounding
  2. Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion
  3. Time management: speed, distance and time, time zones and precedence tables
  4. Perimeter, area and volume
  5. Reading and interpreting scales, tables and other diagrams
  6. Scale drawing
  7. Container packing
  8. Tolerance
  9. Pythagoras
  10. Gradient
  11. Finance: income and deductions, foreign exchange

Advanced Higher Maths: Please speak to Mr O’Donnell

Suggested Resources:

All pupils can access resources through Sharepoint, by logging into Office365 with their school account.

S4 to S6

Many of the websites listed for S1-3 have aspects that can be used to support students in the senior stages. In addition, the following sites and documents have sections which students may find particularly useful:


S1 to S3