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Library Resource Centre



The SLRC is located on the first floor, on the right hand side at the top of the main concourse stairs, next to the Sixth Year Common Room.

About the SLRC


Fiction: an extensive range of fiction for all reading tastes and abilities, which is continually updated to reflect newly published material – divided into General and Senior sections.
Advice and guidance on the appropriate level of reading for students of all ages.

Information: Information books to support research for all stages and aspects of the curriculum
Current and back copies of Issues and Essential Articles
Online electronic resources such as Issues Online – newspaper and magazine articles arranged by topic and to which all staff and students have access

All S1 students take part in an Information Literacy programme, learning about and putting into practice research and evaluation skills, including internet use.

Library staff provide support to students of all ages in accessing and using information resources.


Various Microsoft applications including Word Processing and Powerpoint, internet access, printing facilities

20 PCs – used by S6 independently as available and class use by S1- S5 students

Study Facilities

Study space with access to information resources and ICT


College and university prospectuses; gap year information; jobs information
A Careers Adviser makes weekly visits to the school

Other information and activities

Up-to-date leaflets and pamphlets promoting fiction for young people are available
Teen Titles – students can contribute to Teen Titles by having their book reviews published in this widely distributed magazine which reviews recently published material for young people
Special promotional activities relating to national and international events such as World Book Day, National Poetry Day and Book Week Scotland
Author visits, attended by classes of students

Debating Club

The debating club takes place in the SLRC every Wednesday lunchtime and is open to students of all ages who are interested in taking part in debating.

Opening Hours
  • Monday – Thursday                        8.25-1.00              1.35-4.15
  • Friday                                                   8.25-1.00              1.35-4.00

The SLRC is closed at break, but is open for general access at 1.15 pm on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Edinburgh City Libraries and Information Services

The online catalogue of the City Libraries can be viewed via a Quick Link on the Edinburgh Grid for Learning home page. All students are encouraged to become a member of the public libraries in order to take advantage of all of the services available. Logging on to the following webpage provides access to a number of educational resources for young people:

Useful reads for S1 to S3 Students

S1 – S2

S1 – 2 List


Final pdf Imagine


FREE YOUR MIND Leaflet December 2014


Children & Teen ebooks Apr 2016

Children & Teen audiobooks Apr 2016


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