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Religious & Moral Education


Knowledge and understanding of people’s faith choices is an essential life skill. RME teaches our pupils to engage with ultimate questions and to respect and empathise with moral and spiritual issues which are increasingly diverse in our society.

RME is a core subject for all students in S1 to S4. Classes are taught in tutor group, mixed ability groupings. S5 pupils have RME for three periods a year.

We also offer National 4/5 RMPS to our S4 students and Higher/National 5 Philosophy to S5/6 students.  We aim to offer Higher/National 5 RMPS to S5/6 pupils.  S2 pupils can select ‘Filmosophy’ through the Progressive Minds programme, an introduction to philosophical enquiry through the medium of film.


In S1 pupils study six major world religions:

  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Sikhism

Pupils investigate how these religions have affected and changed the face of faith in Scotland as part of the whole school Scotland project. All S1 pupils build on their Primary JASS work by working towards their Gold award, supported in RME time.


In S2 pupils undertake an in-depth study of Christian beliefs and their role in our society.  The Jewish faith including the rise of anti-Semitism in the 20th Century, culminating in the Holocaust, is also explored.  Pupils will investigate our responsibility to the animal world and religious responses to these issues.


In S3 we focus on Human Rights wherein pupils will investigate a variety of current moral issues such as crime and punishment and medical ethics.


In S4 pupils will continue to explore a variety of moral issues as they affect individuals and society. Pupils will undertake an individual investigation into a moral issue of their own choice.


A brief study of a more complex moral issue (e.g. human trafficking) in three periods.

National 5/Higher Philosophy