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The Art & CDT faculty combines two departments with strong track records in the delivery of high level learning and teaching over a number of years.

The wide variety of experiences and courses offered by the faculty give students the opportunity to develop core skills in the areas of art, craft, design, manufacture, engineering and graphics and provide the option to develop these to a much broader and deeper level.

The team of highly experienced staff also have significant experience with the SQA in the writing and marking of exams and the development of courses on a national level.


The Art & CDT courses introduce students to a wide variety of experiences to help develop their skills and spark their interest. In S3 they have the option to focus on areas such as graphics, art, design, engineering, woodwork etc that have been of particular interest and can provide a valuable foundation for further study in the senior school.


Courses in the senior school provide an excellent spring-board for students as they begin to prepare for the move to further or higher education and the world of work. Many students have benefited from studying two or more subjects in the faculty. This has provided an excellent foundation for creative, design, technical, or engineering disciplines beyond school.

  • Art & Design (National 3,4&5 /Higher/ Advanced Higher)
  • Design & Manufacture (National 4&5 /Higher/ Advanced Higher)
  • Engineering Science (National 4&5 /Higher/ Advanced Higher)
  • Graphic Communication (National 4&5 /Higher/ Advanced Higher)
  • Practical Woodworking (National 4&5)



 Ashley KimberCurriculum Leader
 Kevin CheyneTeacher
 Pat GoonanTeacher
 Tony HartleyTeacher
 Julie KelsoTeacher
 Lucy TaylorTeacher
 Julie WattTeacher
 Douglas HamiltonWorkshop technician

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