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After School Sport (Active Schools)


Dear Parent/Carer                                                                                                                                                            

After School Sport at Craigmount High School – Session 2018/2019

Each term we aim to put on a range of sports and activities for students to get involved in. The activities may change throughout the year as we work with the volunteers that we have available at any given time. Our policy is to make activities free of charge, but with some activities having a heavy competitive fixture programme there may be a small annual charge in these instances, and this will be dealt with on a club-by-club basis.

Where we don’t have a particular activity on offer in school, we will try to signpost students to a local club in the surrounding area where they can get involved.

In order to register your child for after school sport at the school please go to Then in the green Activity Search box enter the ‘Booking Code’ CRG-100. To help us assess demand and create registers please can you tick which clubs your child may attend. You can also access the booking page via this direct link:

It is very easy to get involved in any club. Check the Sport Noticeboards in PE Dept for posters with details of when the activity takes place, and just go along! Students can also speak to the member of staff in charge of each activity – their name is also on the poster. For external clubs, the club contact is also listed.

Please also keep an eye on the school bulletin where club information will also be posted. The school website will also have the weekly activity programme listed, and updates will be placed on Twitter at @CraigmountPE.

We aim to begin all the sports activities in the week beginning Monday 27th August but this may vary. Pupils can get exact starting dates from the daily Bulletin, Twitter and PE noticeboards as above, or from any member of staff in the PE department.

With our programme being volunteer led, sometimes clubs can be cancelled at the last minute – we will announce this via the Bulletin or the Sports noticeboard in the PE Department. If you normally pick your child up at the end of a club but the club has been cancelled that day, your child can go to the concourse and do some homework whilst they wait to be collected.

We are always looking for new volunteer coaches to help with school sporting activity. We would love to hear from you if you were interested in getting involved. We can offer you support and training opportunities to help you as a coach.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries about sport at Craigmount High School.

With kind regards

Neil Russell

Active Schools Co-ordinator for the Craigmount Cluster

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Activity Time Location To Get Involved Contact
**Just Judo (external club) 5.00pm-5.50pm Dance Studio See below and poster in PE


Activity Time Location To Get Involved Contact
S1 Beginners Netball Skills Session 1.25pm-1.50pm Games Hall Miss Maxey
Badminton 3.35pm-4.35pm Games Hall Mrs Mitchell
Table Tennis 3.35pm-4.35pm Dance Studio Mr Gray


Activity Time Location To Get Involved Contact
Basketball 3.35pm-4.35pm Games Hall Mr Terris
Dance (S2-S6) 3.45pm-5.15pm Dance Studio Mr Russell
Drop-in Football 3.35pm-4.35pm Astro Mrs Mitchell/Miss Mackay


Activity Time Location To Get Involved Contact
Netball 3.35pm-4.45pm Games Hall Miss Henderson/Miss Maxey

/Miss Woodhouse

Hockey 3.35pm-4.35pm Astro Mr Beattie


Activity Time Location To Get Involved Contact
Dance (S1) 12.45pm-2.15pm Dance Studio Mr Russell
Senior Football Matches 2.00pm-4.00pm Gyle & City Wide Mr O’Donnell


** To get involved with Just Judo, please contact them directly on: Mobile: 07976 182 568  EMail: