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WOW 18 Briefings

These meetings will take place during PERIOD 2 Friday 4th May

09:30-09:45 – Tue course

09:45-10:00 – Wed course

10:00-10:15 – Thu course

Trip Trip Leader Briefing Room
Big Break Mr. D Sherry 231
Canoeing/Kayaking Mr O’Rourke G28
Crazy Snowsports Mr. G MacArthur 143
Creative Cards Ms J.Mackay 153
Dance in a Day Jenny Dailly Fitness Suite
Dynamic Earth Mr. G Harkins 156
Edinburgh Sights Mrs C.Saddler 151
Escape Edinburgh Mrs.  I Mitchell G22
Fear Factor Mrs. M Jack G11
First Aid Mrs. P Ridland 120
Foxlake Adventure Mr J.Gaughan 210
Games and Puzzles Ms J Muir 163
Glasgow Science Centre Mr O’Rourke G28
Glass Painting Mrs M Hawkins G43
Horse Riding Mrs S Jones G60
Megabowl/Cinema Mr E Emery Drama Studio
Jump Station Mr P McClusky Concourse
Traybakes Mrs L AL-Dujaili G59
Video Games Mr K McKnight 216
Waterskiing Mr J Higgins 204
Xtreme Karting/Combat Mr D Sansom 123
White Water Rafting Mrs L Batty G24
Guitar Making Mr A Kimber G48
Zoo Ms J Muir Ms H Maxey 163
Time Capsule Ms Watson G29
Deep Sea Mr T.Gilliland G45
Escape 2 Mr A.Jardine 207
British Bake Off Mrs G Ogersby G60
Film Club Mr. DOwens 145
Paper Sculpture Mr. S Hume Library
Book Mystery Mr. S Hume Library
French River Trip Mr C Beattie G12
St. Georges Mrs S Hendrie 250
Eigg Mr K Cheyne G49
Highland Explorer Ms L Savage 128
Birmingham Mrs D.Scott 234
London Trip Miss J Watt 246
Uncoursed Students Mr. A Enwood Dance Studio


YPI Semi-Final

Students in S3 YPI classes 6-10 and S2 practical sets G,H,I,J,K  should attend the concourse at 1415 Thursday afternoon. This will allow us to conclude the semi-finals before the end of the day.


WOW London Trip 2018

Can all pupils on the London 2018 trip please tell their parents/carers that there is a meeting for the London Trip on Wednesday 9th May at 6.30pm

Ms Watt


Litter Pick

Craigsbank Church Eco Group are holding a litter pick on Friday the 11th may 1.30-3pm. They would like some pupils to come along and get involved in cleaning up our school community and are offering a snack lunch to any volunteers on the day. If you are interested in taking part could you please give your name to Mrs Sanders or Dr Saddler (in science) by Monday 7th May.

Thank you

Mrs Sanders


Debating – Mr McPake

Debating will take place in the library during Thursday lunchtime. The motion will be This House believes that Disney princesses are poor role models.

Friday afternoon debating will take place this week. Please go to Mr McPake’s room after school on Friday.


WOW Birmingham Trip – Parental Consent Forms

Could all students take part in the above trip, please pass updated Parental Consent forms to Mrs Scott in 234.