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Eigg Trip 2018

All students taking part in the Eigg trip for WOW, please come to a meeting at break time on Wed 2ndMay in room 1/52. We will be discussing food!


Mr Cheyne, Mrs Batten and Ms Grocott


WOW London Trip 2018

Can all pupils on the London 2018 trip please tell their parents/carers that there is a meeting for the London Trip on Wednesday 9th May at 6.30pm

Ms Watt


WOW 18 Briefings

These meetings will take place during PERIOD 2 Friday 4th May

09:30-09:45 – Tue course

09:45-10:00 – Wed course

10:00-10:15 – Thu course

Trip Trip Leader Briefing Room
Big Break Mr. D Sherry 231
Canoeing/Kayaking Mr O’Rourke G28
Crazy Snowsports Mr. G MacArthur 143
Creative Cards Ms J.Mackay 153
Dance in a Day Jenny Dailly Fitness Suite
Dynamic Earth Mr. G Harkins 156
Edinburgh Sights Mrs C.Saddler 151
Escape Edinburgh Mrs.  I Mitchell G22
Fear Factor Mrs. M Jack G11
First Aid Mrs. P Ridland 120
Foxlake Adventure Mr J.Gaughan 210
Games and Puzzles Ms J Muir 163
Glasgow Science Centre Mr O’Rourke G28
Glass Painting Mrs M Hawkins G43
Horse Riding Mrs S Jones G60
Megabowl/Cinema Mr E Emery Drama Studio
Jump Station Mr P McClusky Concourse
Traybakes Mrs L AL-Dujaili G59
Video Games Mr K McKnight 216
Waterskiing Mr J Higgins 204
Xtreme Karting/Combat Mr D Sansom 123
White Water Rafting Mrs L Batty G24
Guitar Making Mr A Kimber G48
Zoo Ms J Muir Ms H Maxey 163
Time Capsule Ms Watson G29
Deep Sea Mr T.Gilliland G45
Escape 2 Mr A.Jardine 207
British Bake Off Mrs G Ogersby G60
Film Club Mr. DOwens 145
Paper Sculpture Mr. S Hume Library
Book Mystery Mr. S Hume Library
French River Trip Mr C Beattie G12
St. Georges Mrs S Hendrie 250
Eigg Mr K Cheyne G49
Highland Explorer Ms L Savage 128
Birmingham Mrs D.Scott 234
London Trip Miss J Watt 246
Uncoursed Students Mr. A Enwood Dance Studio